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  • What We Do

    Introducing Liftoff Link: a startup founders' network by students, for students

    Mission Statement

    Liftoff Link aims to foster a community of student founders built on the shared values of education and innovation.


    Liftoff Link members are actively pursuing an undergraduate degree while building a venture.

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    • Build an accountability and support system of like-minded student founders
    • Foster mutual intellectual curiosity and learn from each other
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    • Official Guide to Liftoff Link Small Working Groups coming soon!
  • Articles and Resources

    Advice, lessons learned, and guides from the Liftoff Link team

    The vast majority of new startups fail. Despite knowing that, I spent my high school and...
    One of the biggest challenges of being a student entrepreneur is the nagging reminder that maybe...
    You don't have to answer that email. Not yet, anyway. Multitasking has a funny way of making you...
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  • The Liftoff Link Team

    We're based out of the Boston Office of Liftoff Ventures, and we're all student founders.

    Team members have historically shifted into an advisory role upon graduation from college.

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    Larissa Weinstein

    Northeastern University '17


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    Eugenio Gonzalez

    Babson College '15.5


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    Michael Kliska

    Babson College '15.5


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    Richard Zajac

    Claremont McKenna College '16