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Major Value Add: Right Inbox

By Larissa Weinstein

Just in time for the new year, try out this amazing tool that allows you to write emails on your own time and schedule them to be sent out at a specific point in the future.

Right Inbox is inexpensive, a huge help for time management, and really easy to use.

At $7.95 a month, it's cheaper than the subscription level that Boomerang requires to work with an email address from Google Apps for Business (the individual plan is not an option). With Right Inbox, you can write your response to someone's email and schedule it to be sent in a couple hours, while you're in class. You can write an email at 2 am and have it send at 10 am, so that the recipient doesn't think of you as some college kid staying up all night to hack out this company. You're serious about this and you're an adult. Show the professionals you work with (such as lawyers or accountants) that you respect their schedule and the appropriate times to be sending work-related emails. Schedule a checking-in email to a mentor that you want to remember to send in a week or two without having to remember to send it. Send a pitch to a new client in the afternoon instead of interrupting their lunch break- even if your wrote the email during yours.

The cherry on top? Right Inbox has a beautiful aesthetic and user experience.  Drafts are easy to go back to and edit before the scheduled send time, and the scheduled send times are clearly displayed in the drafts folder.  It integrates seamlessly with the Gmail interface, to the point that it looks like it's just a native menu.